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    Access Anywhere Securely with M365

    Some of the questions businesses have when it comes to IT are:


    – Is our data secure?

    – Do we have a data backup and business continuity plan?

    – How easy/complex is our IT management?

    – How can we mitigate costs?


    systemsGo can develop a comprehensive managed IT solution based on Microsoft 365 which answers all these questions.


    What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based all-in-one platform that offers a multitude of services, from email to Anti-Virus Protection to Virtual Server Hosting.


    How can Microsoft 365 improve your business?

    Many of our clients have complex IT structures requiring a team of IT specialists to manage their systems. Additionally, those systems are often running on hardware that requires large up-front investment and expensive maintenance support contracts.


    With Microsoft 365, systemsGo can help your business not only mitigate, but oftentimes eliminate many of these ongoing complexities and costs.


    Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients, and how systemsGo has leveraged the power of Microsoft 365 to help achieve their goals.



    The most frequent requests we receive from our clients is in regard to data – specifically to data access.

    In today’s connected world, businesses want to provide their staff quick and efficient access to company data. Leveraging the features of Microsoft 365, systemsGo can migrate clients’ mission critical on-premise data to the cloud, enabling them to access and collaborate securely on files in real time from anywhere.



    Email continues to be the most important form of communication for businesses and missing an important email can be critical.


    With Microsoft 365, email is online, stable, and always available to your employees on any device.  And with Online Archiving, the need for email quotas and expensive third party archiving systems is gone. Users have full access to all of the communication in their mailboxes, all the time.


    PC Deployment and Management

    The one thing that takes up a majority of IT resources is PC management.


    In utilizing Microsoft 365 Endpoint capabilities, systemsGo has this down to a science. We are able to create a cloud-based environment for your business that can automatically set up and secure a brand-new Windows 10 Professional based-PCs from virtually anywhere in the world (with an internet connection) in under an hour.

    The costs of creating an image, installation, setup and application deployment can all be mitigated by our customized solutions.


    Security and Compliance

    For any business, Security and Compliance are two pillars of IT that cannot be overlooked.


    systemsGo uses Microsoft 365 to ensure that all of our clients’ data and communications are secured from end-to-end.


    365 has the capability to provide detailed audit trails, backups, security rules, data encryption, removable storage rules, and anti-malware/ransomware protection.

    Microsoft also offers compliance specific to the localized region, such as FISC (Japan), CS Gold Mark (Japan), and My Number (Japan), to name a few.


    systemsGo incorporates all of these technologies, along with Data Loss Prevention best practices to prevent theft and unauthorized access, so that you know exactly where your data is being accessed from, when it was accessed, and by whom.


    Managed Migration

    With systemsGo’s managed migration service, we aim to eliminate risks by providing end-to-end project execution. This allows clients to focus on the end users’ data access needs, not the migration details.


    Our dedicated engineers have the training and experience with clients from large-scale enterprises to small offices to carry out the process of migrating email archives, PST files, and data servers to the cloud.



    With Microsoft 365, there is no longer a need to rely on your own hardware nor server applications. Scheduling outage periods because of power outages or server upgrades are a thing of the past. Microsoft 365 has reported a 99.98% uptime for Q1 of 2020, and an SLA for downtime (Up to 50% discount for the month if less than 99% uptime).


    With Real-time service health reporting Microsoft and systemsGo, your company would be notified of planned maintenance events or incidents and be provided with a detailed report including a detailed timeline of impact and resolution measures.


    Why choose systemsGo?

    Microsoft 365 is a powerful platform with many choices and it takes an experienced IT company to navigate these choices and determine which of their technology offerings are right for your business.


    systemsGo has implemented these technologies for over 100 businesses throughout the APAC region including our own.


    Based on our experience, we can develop and implement a customized solution for your business based on Microsoft 365 technology that not only fits your budget and compliance needs, but also your workflow and business style.





    Please contact us for more details.

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