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    The new office that changed how Ateam works

    The new office that changed how Ateam
    The new office that changed how Ateam works

    Business challenge

    As Ateam has grown as a business, so has its need for space. But quick fixes to its expanding business gave rise to internal IT, technical and communication difficulties. A new office and a radically upgraded network were required to sustain its constant growth and systemsGo worked with Ateam to create the best environment for its employees, changing the way they connect, communicate and collaborate.

    Benefits and Impact

    Completed ahead of schedule

    the office relocation of 700 staff

    Major cost savings

    on procurement

    Transformation of workplace

    which improved the way Ateam connect,

    communicate and collaborate

    “systemsGo always gives the right suggestions and answers, even if our requests are sometimes a little odd.

    Our vision, although not clear initially, finally became a reality thanks to systemsGo’s efforts.”

    Hiroyuki Sato, Security & Network Specialist, Manager in General Affairs & Systems Group

    Business challenge story

    Ateam had two priorities for its move to the new office: better communication between all offices and subsidiaries, and a wireless work environment that supported the use of mobile devices.

    It was beyond the scope of the in-house IT team of three to handle such a huge task, so systemsGo was approached because of our extensive consulting experience, unbiased proposals, global mind-set and the potential for a partnership if and when Ateam was to expand overseas in the future.

    Benefits and impact story

    The unreliable cloud-based video conference system was replaced with a new video conference system that went above and beyond Ateam’s original expectations. In addition to being used for weekly companywide meetings, the system is used for interviews, branch meetings and project-based meetings across all offices throughout Japan. A mobile and wireless LAN work environment was also created to support the use of laptops and other mobile devices. Wireless and high quality presentation devices were installed in multiple meeting rooms that allow images from any mobile device to be displayed on any screen in a meeting room without the need for a physical LAN cable connection.

    Ateam has come a long way from its days when lagging video conference calls were accepted as the norm and systemsGo has been there to guide Ateam every step of the way. Everyone at Ateam is not only able to work more efficiently and effectively, but motivation, communication and collaboration have now reached new heights.

    Based on interview with Saema Okabe – Public Relations, Corporate Development Division and Hiroyuki Sato, Security & Network Specialist, Manager in General Affairs & Systems Group

    About Ateam Inc.

    Ateam is comprised of two primary divisions: Entertainment and Lifestyle Support. Through these divisions, Ateam is dedicated to the planning, development, and operation of smartphone applications, comparison websites for PC users, and reservation websites. Founded in 2000, Ateam has over 500 employees and is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan with offices in Tokyo and Osaka. Ateam is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

    Ateam: A valued systemsGo client since 2014