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Get ready, get set, systemsGo! Delivering Project Management and Staffing Solutions for the Tokyo Olympics and Rugby World Cup

We’re only just getting over the highs of gold medal firsts, curling fever and the nail biting quadruple axels at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics until Beijing hosts the next Winter Olympics in 2022.


It’s been quite a run for Asia and hosting sporting events with the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, the winter games in Beijing 2022 before the summer games returns to Europe and Paris in 2024, a city that will become the second (after London) to host the summer Olympics three times. Japan will also host the Rugby World Cup (RWC) in 2019, the first time a city in Asia has hosted the tournament.


While millions tune in worldwide for the games, businesses and tourists from overseas flock to the host city. And with this influx of people and businesses means the need for well planned and executed IT infrastructure and services to cope with this huge spike in demand. While the organization and execution at the venues and the events themselves fall to the local organizing committees, it is up to local businesses and those responsible for supporting infrastructures to ensure they have an IT partner who can work with them to manage this demand.


Whether you are planning to set up a temporary office in Tokyo, getting state of the art technology installed to better service your customers, or need a consultant who can offer the best execution for scalable infrastructure, we can help with all these areas so that you are ready and equipped from day one.


At systemsGo we know Tokyo and Japan – we were founded here 20 years ago.  And we also know how important robust, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure is and how to get it done for you.


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