Network Engineer

Full Time
3 years

systemsGo is now conducting interviews to fill Network Engineer positions for our rapidly growing teams. All positions include systems Go’s competitive standard benefits package.

Successful candidates will work alongside our team of friendly, young, skilled professionals from China and other APAC countries in providing on-site desktop IT engineering support and customer service to our prestigious multinational clients, which are located in or near to the city where your permanent position will be located.

Job Description / 职位描述:

  • Experienced network engineer with a solid understanding of routing & switching, wireless and security;
  • Experience in medium to large projects, always bear in mind big picture and be able to provide integrate solution for enterprise Infrastructure and IT system;
  • Experience to implement simple solution and able to corporate with vendor/sub-contractor in terms of security and VoIP solution;
  • Experience with project related to Directory and Virtualization will be a plus;
  • Ability to communicate with client to understand business requirements and priorities, and to develop technical solutions based primarily on client standardized architectures;
  • Must have a consultative, problem oriented, selling style focused on helping the client to solve their business issues in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner;
  • Ability to work independently – self-starter, flexible and result-oriented;
  • Ability to understand and work within the client ‘credo’-based culture;
  • Should have a B. Sc. In Computer Science or related subject;
  • Should carry certifications and/or experience equivalent to CCNP, however CCIE would be preferred;
  • Should be able to provide commitment and credibility to the client in technical terms;
  • Ability to work in Mandarin and English, both verbal and written skill required;
  • As required, the ability to provide local support during critical outages;
  • 工作内容:
  • 负责为项目售前及售后提供技术支持,包括但不限于可行性分析、架构设计、设备选型、技术标准核实;
  • 负责为项目售前及售后提供技术输出,包括但不限于风险评估、完工预期、优先级、关联关系、安装需求及设备清单等;
  • 负责为项目售后提供技术文档,包括但不限于网络拓扑、路由规划、VLAN/IP地址规划、设备互联表、配置脚本、机柜摆放图等;
  • 负责为项目售前及售后提供技术沟通支持,作为技术接口与供应商进行方案交流,问题处理并反馈可能的质量风险;
  • 负责为现场客户提供网络故障处理技术支持,现场或者远程;
  • 负责为现场客户提供网络维护技术支持并响应客户维护需求,包括系统软件,办公应用,基础网络,无线网络,VoIP系统,防火墙等;
  • 负责为现场客户提供IT系统优化咨询,持续提出风险评估,优化建议及可行方案;
  • 负责为现场客户提供采购建议,并为公司采购团队提供必要的设备需求及选型标准输入;
  • 掌握CISCO路由交换、无线及安全产品线,能够设计、安装、配置、测试和维护相关设备;
  • 熟悉CISCO语音系统产品线,能够进行基本的安装配置和维护,了解语音系统的网络需求;
  • 熟悉主流安全解决方案,能够针对Bluecoat/Palo Alto/Juniper/Check Point进行基本的安装配置和维护(一类或几类);
  • 熟悉链路加速解决方案,能够针对Riverbed设备进行基本的安装配置和维护需求;


Required Qualifications / 教育/工作经历(E)

  • 计算机或相关专业,大学专本科以上学历;
  • 3年及以上工作经验;


  • 至少3年的中大型网络部署和维护经验;
  • 精通网络常用协议(包括但不限于BGP/OSPF/EIGRP)
  • 精通CISCO主流交换机和路由器的设计、配置、维护及故障解决工作;
  • 熟悉CISCO/Juniper/Checkpoint防火墙的安装,配置和管理,熟悉VPN 的设计、配置、维护及故障解决工作;
  • 熟悉CISCO或类似无线产品的设计、配置、维护及故障解决工作;
  • 熟悉主流IP电话系统及通信信令和协议的配置和维护工作;
  • 熟悉网络的监控参数和监控工具选择和使用;
  • 熟悉网络安全的注意事项,掌握安全扫描和加固的方法;
  • 掌握常见的广域网互联技术,包括但不限于IPLCs/DPLCs/Frame Relay/MPLS networks/IPSEC/ATM等;
  • 熟悉常见的网络服务,包括但不限于DNS、DHCP、 Syslog等;
  • 掌握网络的外围技术,包括但不限于网线选型,配线架,理线器选型等;
  • 了解主流广域网加速产品的配置和维护工作;
  • 了解Bluecoat 和McAfee或同等功能的安全网关和代理服务器产品的设计、配置、维护及故障解决工作;
  • 了解主流负载均衡产品的配置和维护工作;


1. 具备CCIE证书;


  • 良好的团队合作精神,沟通能力和服务意识;
  • 强烈的责任心和敬业精神;
  • 良好的文档撰写能力;
  • 良好的英文听读写能力;



  • 具备大型网络的设计规划经验;
  • 具备大型无线网络的设计或维护经验;
  • 具备语音网络的设计或维护经验;
  • 具备主流虚拟化产品的使用和维护经验,例如VMware;
  • 熟悉广域网加速设备的安装和维护,例如Riverbed;
  • 熟悉网络负载均衡设备的安装和维护,例如F5;
  • 熟悉大型Web网站的网络维护经验;
  • 熟悉网络安全加固的方法,能独立进行网络安装评估和改进;
  • 掌握一种及以上的监控工具的配置部署和维护;


  • 具备CCIE R&S或Security或 Voice相关证书;
  • 具备Juniper相关的网络证书;

To apply, please send your resume to

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