IT Technical Administrator (E-commerce Consultant)

1 year

We are recruiting the technical expert who has the strong technical skill and great motivation to join and bring value to the team.


  1. Responsible for development and operation of official brand website, support software and software problems and web security solution
  2. Strong still on root cause finding and troubleshooting on infrastructure/application when issue come across and contact vendor
  3. Ensure the safety of server and data base, censor the potential safety hazard
  4. Monitor IDC machine room server and verify new hardware requests
  5. Support end users on the phone and face to face.
  6. Manage the function update of the website and do new function orientation with employees



  1. 4+ years’ technical support experiences with college degree or above in IT related major
  2. Good communication skills on mail/conf call, issue presenting, data analysis and case summary, provide constructive suggestion on system solution and architecture
  3. Fluent in both written English and speaking English
  4. Experience on mobile app development/wifi in Magento platform and IOS.
  5. CCNA, PMP certification will be a plus
  6. Experience of Linux/Unix Server , Redhat, familiar with Mongpdb, my SQL, Nginx, Redis, Nodejs , Java scripts, mechanism of docker etc.
  7. Understanding of technical design/logic from ecommerce/mcommerce process
  8. 1+ years’ retail industry experience

Job Features