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Our bilingual IT experts can help you do business in APAC.


Bilingual IT Support for Our Tokyo Clients

Fluent in over 20 languages, we speak your language.

Don’t let language be a barrier for you starting business in a new country. Most of our staff are bilingual and even multi-lingual, meaning we can work with all parts of your business from headquarters in San Francisco to the new office in Tokyo to the IT department in Singapore.

Contact our help desk and speak with someone you can understand. Choose IT outsourcing with people that will be able to chat to you and your staff with no problem. We want everyone to understand how our IT support works and how they benefit you.


Bilingual IT Support for Our Tokyo Clients
  • We have been supporting clients like you in APAC for nearly 20 years – we know it intimately.
  • We will ensure your corporate standards and local requirements are met.
  • We provide you with a range of solutions, from working with local vendors to procuring hardware, software, managing off-site backups, and coordinating with telecommunication, internet providers and other services.
Range of solutions
full range of IT services
  • Our full range of IT services is delivered to you through multi-lingual professionals:
    – IT Support and Engineering
    – Project Services
    – Managed Services
    – Procurement
  • Multi-lingual means multi-cultural and all our professionals understand the cultures in which they operate.
Our bilingual IT experts can help you do business in APAC.
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  • Just a few of our fantastic clients.


So what languages do you actually speak?

We speak, English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Indonesian, Tagalog, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Malay, Hindi, Afrikaans… just to name a few. And the language of IT of course!


You say APAC. Where do you actually have offices?

Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney with delivery capability in many more locations.


Who are some of the clients you worked with?

We have worked with hundreds of clients from a range of industries across the region including Salesforce, Expedia, MetLife and Hyatt Hotels.


Is a cultural knowledge that important?

Yes, getting things done – things procured, for example – is a lot easier when ‘local’ people are facilitating it on your behalf. It can mean the difference between success and failure in some cases.

And of course, we speak the language of IT.

We’d love to discuss our services with you wherever
you are and in whatever language you’d like!

Call us: +81-3-4550-0880

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