IT Support for Office Relocation Throughout Tokyo


Providing world-class planning and execution for office relocations, expansions and fit-outs.

Make your new office a better place to work.

We provide you with consultancy, design and project management ensuring meticulous planning and execution when you move your office or upgrade and expand your existing premises. From selecting a new site to ensuring minimal disruption to your IT and technical infrastructure, we’re focused on letting you keep managing your business whilst we take care of the rest.

Our dedicated team have been delivering support for new businesses and relocating offices throughout Tokyo for years, and through experience have dealt with nearly every issue and problem face. We can also help you setup your new IT system with our office setup service!


  • Nearly 20 years of experience setting up new offices and managing re-locations throughout APAC and further afield.
  • IT consultancy and strategic design in all technical areas including audio visual, IT infrastructure, network design and security.
  • Site selection, managing the move and responsible decommissioning, disposal and re-use of your existing equipment.
  • We work and partner with interior designers, workspace planners, furniture suppliers and all facets of skills and competences to create the best possible office environments.

Just a few of our fantastic clients.



Where do you have delivery capabilities?

We have successfully helped our clients relocate across the APAC region and further afield in some cases.


What industries have you worked with?

We have worked with a diverse number of industries and relocated 2,000 staff of MetLife in Tokyo as well working with some of the world’s most exciting gaming and technology brands.


Who have you relocated?

We have relocated Salesforce in five different countries and we have moved Expedia twice just in Singapore (as well as doing an office expansion for them)!

When Ateam relocated from Tokyo to Nagoya, we helped transform the workplace which improved the way Ateam connect, communicate and collabaorate.


We’d love to hear your vision for your new office
and how we can make that happen for you.

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