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IT Setup for Your New Tokyo Office


Make your office set up in APAC the easiest one yet with a professional team of IT experts.

We’ve helped industry leaders set up in APAC for nearly 20 years.

Setting up a new office in APAC can be daunting, but we’ve been here nearly two decades and can manage the process from beginning to end, dealing with all stakeholders in whatever language required. We offer a complete office set-up solution, ensuring that your staff are fully empowered and productive, benefiting from the advantages afforded by a contemporary office and IT technology.

We want to make the office move simple and easy, so you can get back to doing the work you know and love. Our experienced team will help you with all the setup logistics, allowing you and your team to get on with their work quicker. We can streamline your moving or relocation process, as well as help smaller businesses start up their new support systems.


  • We have been helping clients set up offices in APAC for nearly 20 years – we know it intimately.
  • We work with local vendors to handle the entire process from cabling, AV installation to security.
  • We have long-standing relationship with partners in APAC which we can leverage at competitive prices.
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  • Just a few of our fantastic clients.


Can you provide telephony solutions?

Yes. Telephony is an integrated part of any office environment and part of the solution that we provide.


Do you provide rack and stack services – smart hands?

Yes. We design and manage this work and deliver a full service in this area.


Can you support our office merger?

Yes. Company (and office mergers) are a constant challenge faced by organizations across the region. We have worked on several merger projects from both an IT and physical standpoint and successfully helped companies come together.

We’d love to discuss how we can help your business grow in APAC

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