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    Project Successfully Completed : Office Set-up in Tokyo for Global PR Agency

    Project Story: Integration Project – Acquisition of Global Company

    Industry: Manufacturing & Engineering

    Location: Japan


    We have engaged in and managed many IT integration projects, but this time we would like to introduce an acquisitions project that was one of the most complicated and required very detailed project management, involving stakeholders in multiple countries with offices at multiple locations globally.


    This project involved two major B2B manufacturing companies, who are competitors internationally: Company A and Company B. Company A decided to acquire all of Company B’s Japanese branches, after Company B’s business in Japan was on the decline. Company A was based in the United States, Company B in Europe, and both had branches in Japan. Additionally, for some operations, there was also an outsourced IT vendor from Singapore involved.


    Company A was looking for a mediator to handle this sensitive project, particularly due to cultural and linguistic difficulties. Company B had its own IT team dedicated to its 400 users in Japan, but they alone did not have the skillset to take on such a large and international project. As such, systemsGo, being a specialist in bilingual IT consulting throughout Asia-Pacific, was chosen to lead and thus, was granted the responsibility of managing, coordinating, and facilitating the entire process from start to finish.


    Before Company B’s Japanese offices could be acquired, we needed to completely decouple their IT infrastructure from their headquarters in Europe. We also needed to relocate the acquired employees from Company B’s main branch in Japan,  along with their equipment, to Company A’s office. After removing all dependencies, the other Japanese branches of Company B could then be integrated with Company A and its headquarters in the US.

    ingtegration project


    Before the actual project started, one of our Senior Server Engineers and Project Managers flew to Europe to visit Company B’s headquarters and to learn about and discuss their infrastructure and the individual tasks that would be necessary, covering specific topics such as servers, security, networking, applications, and SAP. There were many deep-dive meetings between us and the corresponding teams, with some members participating remotely from Japan via web meeting. Through the meetings, we learned that they had a data center in Kagoshima managed by their subsidiary. They used it to maintain backups of the data from the servers in their Tokyo office. Thus, we also had to eliminate all dependencies with the headquarters, so that it could be integrated with Company A.


    After returning to Japan, we still needed to learn about the infrastructure of the Company A in order to successfully integrate the offices to be acquired from Company B. We again had many deep-dive meetings online with Company A to get a better understanding. We performed a full audit of their IT environment, including network configuration, VPN, software, and security policies. After the audit, we prepared all the documentation necessary for the two companies, and then proceeded with the project as planned. As things stand today, Company A has successfully completed the acquisition and, as a result, Company B no longer has any business operations in Japan.


    The following is a summary of work that was carried out throughout this project:


    • Full system audit (Security / Document / Network / VPN / Software / Antivirus)
    • Server / Network / PC / SAP decoupling with Europe
    • Purchasing of new hardware and software
    • Integration of decoupled infrastructure into the acquiring company
    • Physical relocation of employees and equipment


    Below is a breakdown of some of the more specific tasks performed:



    • Deep-dive into server setup
    • Creation of new domains
    • Building of virtual servers
    • Migration of user accounts
    • Setting of file access permissions


    • Deep-dive into server setup
    • Decoupling with Europe
    • Deployment of new network security equipment in Kagoshima
    • Deployment of new remote access VPN (existing VPN was controlled by headquarters in Europe)


    User PC

    • Migration of profiles to new company A domain
    • Installation of new antivirus
    • New software license provision (e.g. Microsoft Office)


    Data Center
    • Decoupling with Europe
    • Integration with US
    • Migration to virtual servers
    • Creation of new dedicated domain



    This is how we engage with the global project in Japan. For more details on this project and our Work Place Technology Group, please feel free to contact us.

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