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    systemsGo Policy for Novel Coronavirus

    First Published: 31 January 2020. Edited: 1 April 2020


    The following policy is intended to ensure that systemsGo employees and our clients are not exposed to any risk of contracting the Covid19.


    The policy is being updated as new information on the disease, transmission methods, locations of confirmed cases and the incubation period becomes available. This is a general companywide policy and it will vary in each country we operate in to follow the guidelines and laws in each of those countries.


    General information is currently being gathered from various sources including the WHO Situation Report page. The link to the page is as follows;




    Quarantine Policy – General


    • Staff, contractors, subtenants who have been in contact with a confirmed Covid19 case must not visit a systemsGo client or office and are to be isolated in their home or hotel for 14 days after exposure other than for seeking individual medical care.
    • Staff, contractors, subtenants who have contracted Covid19 are not to visit a systemsGo client or office until 14 days following recovery or 2 negative tests of the virus have been confirmed.


    Quarantine Policy – Local


    • Japan offices are following requests for Tokyo and Osaka governments and staff are working from home until 12 April. Staff may visit their relevant office for essential work duties that can only be carried out in the office.
    • China office is business as usual while Hong Kong and Singapore teams are working from home except for those who have onsite client assignments. We will update the team on this policy each Friday following the local government advice.




    • Practice social distancing by keeping at least 1.5 metres from people who are not in your household. When this is not possible, such as when traveling on public transport, wear a face mask. Don’t shake hands.
    • Frequent handwashing aiming to wash your hands for 20 seconds
    • When shopping try to use touch card payment systems instead of cash.
    • Use hand sanitizer prior (or wash your hands) when coming into an office and when leaving and after receiving deliveries, touching an ATM or ticketing screen, cash etc.
    • Practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and wash hands).
    • Monitor your temperature daily and if it goes above 37.5 degrees don’t come to work or go out in public and seek medical advice.


    Please contact us for more details.

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