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    Wi-Fi Can Make Your Company Better – Only When Deployed Correctly

    There is no question that today’s WLAN networks are becoming increasingly complex.  Support for critical enterprise applications and converged communication applications have created unparalleled expectations for WLAN availability and performance. And, in most cases, the networks themselves have expanded over time, often evolving from a few access points providing connectivity in limited areas to hundreds of access points throughout the enterprise.


    All too often, the result is that these networks:


    • Are not designed to support real-time applications such as IP telephony or video-conferencing
    • Require higher than average operational costs, because they are difficult to troubleshoot, maintain and operate
    • Are not designed based on industry best practices for availability and performance
    • Are degraded by external influences such as interference and environmental changes that did not exist at the time of the original implementation
    • Are poorly documented, with locations of components often not entirely known
    • Have outdated hardware and software platforms that are no longer supported by the manufacturer


    Wi-Fi performance is extremely visible within the company and often directly impacts the company’s overall opinion on how IT department is performing in the Company.


    Making matters worse is the fact that IT departments are tasked with meeting increased bandwidth and performance demands, managing a proliferation of new mobile devices and guaranteeing network access, availability and regulatory compliance.  In addition, they are also being asked to take a strategic role, moving beyond basic wireless networking into the next generation of business mobility, collaboration and productivity, to transform the way business is done, leaving little time for ensuring that the WLAN is performing optimally.


    Wireless local area network assessments from systemsGo provide a way for enterprises to leverage our extensive experience in WLANs and WLAN management to ensure that your networks are performing at their highest levels and are ready to support new applications and the ever‐growing number of client devices in the workplace ‐ while allowing IT staff to focus on other operational and strategic initiatives.


    systemsGo has the experience and tools to understand the unique WLAN needs of our clients and provide a WLAN assessment that is appropriate to their particular requirement.


    Whether it is an analysis of the WLAN’s current performance, its readiness for an application or a comprehensive engagement that also includes a configuration review and inventory, systemsGo can provide an assessment that meet any company’s needs.


    Performance Testing Utilizing Specialized Toolsets
    Using the latest network tools and software, systemsGo can benchmark the performance and environment of an existing WLAN for a number of key metrics including signal strength, noise level, signal to noise ratio, channel interference, predictive downlink data rate and overlap in order to provide detailed analysis of the actual performance of the WLAN and its environment.
    Armed with the knowledge of areas with problem coverage and capacity or excessive noise levels and expert recommendations for corrective actions, enterprises can remediate WLAN deficiencies.


    Readiness Assessments
    The successful rollout of any new application is dependent on initial end‐user experiences, and legacy WLAN performance can have a significant impact on the successful rollout of many applications, particularly IP telephony and location services.  systemsGo can assess the readiness of an existing WLAN to support new applications, by identifying issues that could adversely affect the performance.


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