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    Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN Survey Services

    Why This Matters
    By 2022, Wi-Fi will account for 70% of all IP traffic. The modern office is no exception, whether it’s an all Wi-Fi open environment or assigned seating hard wired setup, the environment needs to support multiple wireless devices per person. If you are to experiencing cases of Internet drop outs or poor signal, the first thing that you should suspect is the location and number of access points (APs) in the office. It is also a common problem that physical blockage from walls or electromagnetic waves emitted from devices such as microwaves can cause signal interference.

    To avoid or eliminate these problems, we would recommend:


    1) Ask a consultant: what you are trying to achieve with your Wi-Fi
    2) Conduct a site survey: eliminate the guess work what the current condition of your Wi-Fi network is


    Planning is the key to ensuring your Wi-Fi network coverage and bandwidth per square meter fully meet your needs.


    What systemsGo can do for you is:


    Predictive Survey
    This can be conducted before any installation or hardware investment is made. It determines the optimal number and location of access points to be installed. It can be done just by analyzing the floor map and inputting necessary information, such as the location of pillars and walls, into the dedicated software. There is no need to go on site.


    -Need only CAD drawings of location
    -Create reports quickly and efficiently using specialized software called Ekahau*
    -Can cover local and remote sites since the location does not matter


    Passive Survey
    The purpose of this on-site assessment is to capture and understand the existing Wi-Fi condition for the network that has already been implemented. Once on site, we cover all areas that are within the scope decided by the customer-provided drawing. We do this while using a laptop with a specialized receiver to collect radio wave data, we then use this data in Ekahau to create a heat map that displays and visualizes the signal strength throughout the area. This heat map can be used to identify areas with weaker signal and areas that are not covered altogether. It can also be used to verify the result of predictive surveys, and upon analysis, bring to light the cause of any interference an environment might be experiencing.


    -Need only CAD drawings of location
    -Create more detailed reports using Ekahau*
    -Gain profound insight into the current Wi-Fi condition


    * Ekahau Site Survey is a professional Wireless LAN (WLAN) software toolkit.



    What This Means for You
    These surveys are a cost-effective way to help maximize network performance in new work environments, and also identity problematic areas within existing work spaces, in order to improve them. Additionally, having fast and reliable Wi-Fi brings about greater employee satisfaction and thus productivity.


    Why Choose Us
    We have performed site surveys for clients in Japan, China, Singapore, Australia, India, and more. We can manage Wi-Fi setup and upgrade projects with a scope of anything from single locations to entire regions, across a large range of environments, such as schools, factories, industrial, offices, and retail outlets.


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