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    Hospitality start-up AirService partnership

    Hospitality start-up AirService partnership

    Hospitality start-up AirService is locking down a number of international deals as it looks to finalise a multi-million-dollar funding round.

    AirService, a holistic mobile ordering and payments platform, offers hotels, cafes and food trucks tailored transaction solutions and other features, including Facebook and web ordering and data analytics.

    Locally, the start-up is connected with three major property groups, three stadiums and over 100 hospitality venues. It’s set to expand its local footprint to more than 2000 other venues within the next 12 months and has also signed two major deals in Britain and Asia.

    The firm’s Tokyo rollout has seen it team up with IT consulting firm systemsGo. AirService CEO Dominic Bressan told The Australian that the systemsGo partnership not only gives the start-up direct entry into Japan but also a conduit into Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Hong Kong.

    “Basically everyone in Tokyo takes their lunch between 12 and 1pm, and all the office buildings have food courts of some kind to service these employees,” he said. “At 11.50am the restaurants in those food courts are literally stacking their food outside ready for the employees, and at 11.55am they put up bollards. By 12 o’clock there are lines and lines of people playing on their phones to decide their order, they then wait for an extended time to pick up their order and go back to the office to eat.”

    He said AirService’s rollout removed these bottlenecks. “It’s a huge efficiency improver, it’s just massive,” he said. “We get a lot of different use cases, but the quickest places that take off are the ones that are extremely busy and looking at ways to improve operational efficiency.”

    AirService is also in Britain through a partnership with roadside services company RoadChef. The start-up won the competitive tender against a British-based company, VenueMenu, after a trial of the product at some of RoadChef’s key venues.

    Mr Bressan said although the start-up had been “proudly bootstrapped to date” and had not needed to raise funds in order to sign these major deals, the imminent funding raise was “icing on the cake”.

    “The key thing for us is to get the right investors on board, people that can really add value,” he said.