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We listen to our clients to understand their business needs. We design and deliver solutions from our range of professional services, creating value to benefit all stakeholders. To achieve this we combine an enriching and satisfying employment environment with a culture of customer service excellence and an unwavering pursuit of quality through devoted adherence to process and continuous improvement.


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    IP PBX – Increasing Business Productivity, part 1

    What is IP PBX? PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is the central switching system for phone calls, video calls, email, fax, instant messaging, conferencing solutions, SMS, and mobile telephony within a business. The PBX handles internal traffic between stations and acts as a gatekeeper to the outside...

    Preparation for Last-Minute Windows 10 Migration – Edition and Language

    Choosing an Edition and Setting Your Language   Windows 10 has several editions such as “Home”, “Pro”, and “Enterprise”. For Enterprise, there also two additional sub-options, “Enterprise E3” and “Enterprise E5”. Each have different security features. Some people may buy “Home” without much thought because it is...

    Wi-Fi Can Make Your Company Better – Only When Deployed Correctly

    There is no question that today’s WLAN networks are becoming increasingly complex.  Support for critical enterprise applications and converged communication applications have created unparalleled expectations for WLAN availability and performance. And, in most cases, the networks themselves have expanded over time, often evolving from a...

    Wi-Fi / Wireless LAN Survey Services

    Why This Matters By 2022, Wi-Fi will account for 70% of all IP traffic. The modern office is no exception, whether it’s an all Wi-Fi open environment or assigned seating hard wired setup, the environment needs to support multiple wireless devices per person. If you are...

    systemsGo Golden week

    Notice to systemsGo clients in Japan

    In accordance with the increase of the consumption tax rate on October 1, 2019, systemsGo will apply the new rate of 10% to all goods and services delivered on or after this date.   As the delivery of hardware/software usually takes one month from an order being...

    systemsGo Golden week

    Office Closed During Golden Week in Japan

    Please kindly note that systemsGo Tokyo and Osaka offices will be closed as follows over Golden Week period: Closed: 27 April 2019 (Sat) - 6 May 2019 (Mon) Inquiries received during the period will be...