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    Ryo’s Recommendations: IT Security Tips

    Ryo’s Recommendations: IT Security Tips

    Welcome to our ongoing series of Ryo’s Recommendation, where Ryo from our engineering department will give you timely and useful IT advice to make your daily IT life easier.

    In this issue, Ryo will show you some basic IT security to keep you and your business safe.


    Basic IT Security

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    If you ever have confidential information open on your screen and need to leave in a hurry or someone comes to desk unexpectedly, use these shortcuts to hide and protect the information:

    •  + L Locks your computer
    •  + M Minimizes everything on your screen
    • Shift +  + M Maximizes everything back on your screen


    Hide Notifications on your iPhone

    If you lose your iPhone, all your confidential emails and appointments will be displayed on your lock screen which is harmful for you and your business. Also in meetings, you don’t want the person next to you seeing all your alerts popping up on your screen. Here’s how to manage notifications on your iPhone:


    How to Hide Notification Previews for Messages and Mail

    1. Open Settings then Notifications and then Messages or Mail or any other messaging app in the list
    2. Scroll down and deactivate the Show Previews slider


    Depending on the app, some third-party apps have a Show Previews option in their own settings. If the app doesn’t have the feature, you can ask the app’s developer to add it.


    How to Hide Notifications from the Lock Screen Entirely

    1. Open Settings then Notifications and then tap the app you want to hide from your lock screen
    2. Deactivate the Show On Lock Screen slider




    Keep your software updated

    If might seem like a pain, but a few minutes updating your software could save you a lot of grief down the track. Out-of-date software leaves you open to viruses and updating is your best defense. This includes operating systems software, application software (such as Microsoft Office), web browsers, and all browser plug-ins.



    1. Open the software application/web browser/plugin
    2. From the Help menu or Tools menu click the option to get software updates
    3. If possible, set to automatically update or at least set it to alert you to new updates and install them quickly


    Windows Vista, 7 and 8

    1. Press the Windows key and type ‘windows update’ then press Enter
    2. Click Change settings in the left pane and make sure ‘Install Updates automatically (recommended)’ is selected


    Please note that your system administrator may control the update installation process so please always follow your company IT policy prior to any self-installations.

    If you ever need any helpdesk support please get in contact here.