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We listen to our clients to understand their business needs. We design and deliver solutions from our range of professional services, creating value to benefit all stakeholders. To achieve this we combine an enriching and satisfying employment environment with a culture of customer service excellence and an unwavering pursuit of quality through devoted adherence to process and continuous improvement.


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    Support Visits Reach 100,000 Milestone!

    Support Visits Reach 100,000 Milestone!

    systemsGo introduced our Client Care System, CCS, in April 2002 and began keeping a database of all support visits. Each support visit is recorded on a Service Request Form or SRF which are numbered sequentially and visible to both internal staff at systemsGo and to clients under a secure login. Since starting at number 001 on April 1, 2002 the SRF number recently clicked over 100,000. That represents 100,000 occasions on which a systemsGoengineer has engaged with a client to provide a support service. This is not a count of incidents or “tickets”, most support visits handle multiple such incidents or requests. That represents almost 10,000 visits per year or an average of 40 such visits per business day for the past 10 years – quite an accomplishment.


    SRF number 100,000 was entered by one of our more recent employees, a project manager in our latest office in Singapore who was onsite at the new Singapore office of a regional law firm client coordinating setup of their IT systems.


    The SRF number continues to rise as our engineers head out every day to visits clients across Asia.