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    systemsGo Managed IT Services is now "systemsGo SMART"

    systemsGo Managed IT Services is now “systemsGo SMART”

    Today, 16th October 2015 systemsGo (www.systemsgo.asia) announced that they have rebranded their Managed IT Services offering from Inframon to systemsGo SMART.


    systemsGo SMART represents a further enhanced and developed solution offering built on the previous success of the Inframon monitoring solution. SMART will allow companies to engage for IT support and maintenance services for a fixed monthly fee, against a set of predetermined Service Level Agreements. This inclusive approach replaces the traditional model of a time-based support service which is not well defined, is often only as good as the skills of the individual engineer, and costly as a result.


    SMART uses several technologies to monitor a network 24/7, automatically sending out alerts on issues prior to any down time, automating PC optimization, patch and AV management, and, in some cases automatically repairing devices on a network remotely.


    In addition, systemsGo team of multilingual IT Professionals are available for any hands-on support via remote access or onsite as required.


    systemsGo SMART Managed IT Solutions work equally well for just one device or for thousands spread across a regional network.


    systemsGo Group CEO David Devlin is quoted as saying, “We are very excited about what we have done withSMART, combining our years of experience in providing IT support to a wide range of companies across the region using both traditional time-based and automated services. systemsGo SMART is the culmination of all this experience combined with the latest advances in remote support technology”.


    systemsGo SMART style Managed IT Services have been proven in North America and Europe for many years. Now companies, from SMEs to large corporations in Asia have the opportunity for a more reliable, more consistent IT Support Service by adopting systemsGo’s SMART solutions.


    Enjoy peace-of-mind when it comes to your network uptime, security, and, cost control.


    Tomoko Takashima
    Regional Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    TEL: +81-3-4550-0880
    Email: tomoko.takashima@systemsGo.asia