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We listen to our clients to understand their business needs. We design and deliver solutions from our range of professional services, creating value to benefit all stakeholders. To achieve this we combine an enriching and satisfying employment environment with a culture of customer service excellence and an unwavering pursuit of quality through devoted adherence to process and continuous improvement.


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    Professional Managed IT Services in Singapore


    systemsGo SMART is a complete suite of Managed IT Services.

    The services are applicable to any organization with any size of IT environment.

    SMART covers all your IT Monitoring, Maintenance and Support requirements.

    A fixed fee with SLAs guarantees you will never suffer from surprise costs again and ensures that our objectives are mutually aligned.

    You will want systemsGo SMART because:

    • your IT resources can be released from maintenance tasks so they can work on projects
    • you will have no more unscheduled down time
    • you are concerned with the security of data
    • you need an updated list of your IT inventory
    • you want a flat fixed monthly support fee
    • you want an IT service provider who’s goals are fully mutually aligned with yours
    • you want quicker identification and resolution of IT issues

    Our managed IT services solutions can be customized to work seamlessly with existing service providers or be fully managed as part of a fixed monthly Managed IT Services subscription.



    It all starts with SMART Monitor working 24X7 across all your devices in all your locations identifying and alerting of any issue before it effects your business. SMART Monitor Plus includes an additional service with our IT support professionals performing the maintenance work on your behalf. We will find the problem, fix it, and, prevent any problem occurring before you even know about it.

    Each month you will get a report outlining the health of your network with any potential vulnerabilities highlighted.

    SMART Select gives you even more options. Choose from items such as; automated patch management, antivirus, security and end-point protection management, PC optimization, procurement, asset management, mobile device tracking/management and Backup and Disaster Recovery.

    SMART Assured is the complete package for all your IT Maintenance and Support. One Fixed Monthly Subscription based on the number and types of devices you have means we take care of all your IT maintenance and support needs. At no additional Support cost for those devices.

    We not only do managed services; we also provide IT outsourcing, office relocations, office setup, and IT support for APAC.

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    Managed IT services in Asia

    Q: Will SMART save me time and money?

    A: YES

    Q: Will SMART mean I'll have less IT headaches?

    A: YES

    Q: Is SMART right for me?

    A: YES. – We are sure it will be. SMART is suitable for both small-medium sized businesses as well as large enterprises. Use SMART from one device in one location, to 1000s of devices across multiple locations

    Q: Is SMART easy to install?

    A: YES

    Q: Can I get SMART started today?